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Our very ‘interesting’ and eclectic living space … I’m not really sure how to describe it, a bit industrial, but feminine … with a lot of colour? … all the pieces that make up our living room have been collected over many years to create quite an unique look. This is our first home together and it was important to me that it wasn’t all about me and that Mitch had to like the end result of it as much as I did, so it is quite a mixture of both our tastes … It is only a medium sized unit which we hope to renovate one day (so you won’t be seeing the kitchen or bathrooms for a while).

(ps. while you are here, I’ve added lots more of my recent styling and photography work to my Portfolio, if you’d like to see)

We wanted to make the most of the living space and chose not to have a ‘dining’ setting inside … to give us more room … but our balcony is quite big for a unit of it’s size so we have a large dining setting (made by Mitch) to have people over … and we simply eat at the breakfast bar for all other meals.

So I made sure I sourced comfy bar stools as I knew they were going to get a lot of use (as I do a lot of my work from home). I ended up going with a Thonet design, No. 18 in a light wood (which I am hoping to make look more grey by leaving out in the sunlight  )

There are small pieces scattered around that have come from here, there and everywhere so if you spot something you’d like to know more about don’t hesitate to ask, I am an open book, always willing to give away my home shopping secrets. (email me at tanikablair@live.com.au)

Quick mention to Jacinta from Design Scout, for the fresh eyes when I needed it while trying to finish off the living space a couple of weeks ago … her style is one I really admire, so I had to ‘phone a friend’ when a piece of furniture wasn’t quite working like I thought (I sent it back, I didn’t love it) … a lot my accessories come from her gorgeous store in Kingscliff.


But here is some information on some of the big key features:

1/ The sofa is from Tailored Space Interiors, you can have their sofas custom designed, this one is based on the “Havana” style, I instructed to have a changeable chaise, so that I can swap it to the other side if I want to change up the living space.  I also chose the fabric which is by Warwick, it’s from the ‘Jarvis’ collection, in colour ‘steel’.

2/ The green floor rug, was a hard one … I had my heart set on getting something emerald green, but had a lot of trouble finding one in Australia, so this one was shipped over from America from The Land Of Nod. Since purchasing (nearly a year ago) I have come across a few nice green floor rugs from Australian stores but I still love this one I got the most, it’s called the ‘Green Patina’ rug, available in a couple of different sizes. 

3/ My Paulistano leather chairs! … were a very lucky win, I entered a Real Living Magazine competition and won them from Orson and Blake, as well as the round side table, I absolutely adore them, they are so comfy and perfect for the space with their metal frame not cutting of the living room.  

4/ My entertainment unit … is from West Elm, in America … I came across the Librarian Media Console a couple of years ago and feel in love … I tried my hardest to find something else I might love more from a local store but was unsuccessful, then when we went travelling around the states on our last day in L.A. I spotted one of these consoles tucked in a corner, on SALE! so it was a sign and Mitch loved it as well … Upon returning home I paid for it through West Elm in America (as it was never going to be available from the Australian store) and I had them send it to Shipporter, who then sent it to me … which was all quite affordable compared to delivery costs in Australia.

The reason I love it so much is that it isn’t actually made up of all those tiny draws, it’s 2 big long draws on one side and a pull down cupboard on the other so you can leave it open to control your dvd player or “xbox” (for Mitch) from the lounge … with out having them out all ugly on show.

5/ My cushions are a mixture from Bonnie and Neil and Urban Road. I like to call them little mini works of art, that’s how I justify paying the prices for them.

6/ The start of the gallery art wall … the gold mirror was a gift in exchange for some work I did for friends, they purchased it on ebay. The ‘paradise’ print you may recognise, is by Black List Studio. The cloud print in a beautiful gold frame is from Urban Road (available in lots of other frame, printing styles and sizes). The blue butterfly was a market find on the mountain of Machu Picchu, in Peru. And the colourful wave is Mitch’s piece, he brought a few years back, it’s a print of a painting by Scott Christensen.

I am definitely hoping to add to this wall.

7/ The blue console is a vintage piece my talented friend Kelly from Salvage House Interiors sourced for me, and painted it in the bright and bold colour of my choice. Women of many talents, Kelly can source and give new life to vintage and collectable pieces.

8/ The upholstered ottoman was on sale at Temple and Webster from Black Mango. I absolutely love it! … It was very important for me to have a mix of masculine and girly furniture pieces, to create a balance so that everyone is comfortable in the space.

So next on the agenda is getting curtains (the existing blinds are awful) … the flooring isn’t my ideal choice so I hope we will be able to work on new flooring for the whole place sometime in the future. Of course this space will be full of continual changes, because thats just the kind of person I am, I might just rearrange all the furniture next week, who knows.

I hope you like the first look inside our new abode. We are loving living so close to the beach and all our social events. Everything is so close, I mostly ride my bike on the weekends. We have friends and family over all the time so it’s a busy little home but a fun one I am proud of.

If you are in need of someone to help you source unique furniture and accessories for your home … I need a new place to play with as mine is nearly finished … (for now) 

Tanika x

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