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A Casuarina Townhouse

Here's a Casuarina townhouse I worked on coming into Christmas of 2016. I can't believe it's taken me this long to share this home. You may remember me talking about this project in this previous 'blog post'. This is an example of clients who had a really good idea of what they wanted but just needed reassurance and a couple of changes to help bring the space together. I took care of things from there, getting it all ordered and delivered. We got everything new for this place, they started with nothing. 

The sofa in the living room is manufactured in Brisbane, and luckily this great company do custom designs. We had to shorten the 'original' chaise size to suit the space and for where the sliding doors opened out onto the outdoor entertaining area. This sofa is made from Warwick Fabric's 'Jarvis - Shadow' ... one of my favourites. This fabric is soft and really durable. 

The rug is the 'Distressed Rococo Wool Rug' from West Elm. I really love the colour and pattern in this one, it really adds character to the living space. I'm actually looking at possibly using the round version of this piece in a job I'm working on at the moment. 

Deciding against having a coffee table or ottoman in the living room, to keep it nice and open, but the home owners will possibly get a side table for this space, something they can move around easily ... use in front of the sofa when they need it but keep tucked away on the side. 

Casuarina Townhouse - Interior Design - Tanika Blair Stying & Photography - IMG_9192.jpg

My clients understood the importance of purchasing quality furniture that is going to last ... and then saving when it came to accessories. Cushions and art can be purchased at much more affordable prices and not detract from the look of your home. There are so many great options now for creating a home you will love for years without spending a fortune. But I always believe in buying quality furniture, or you will just end up buying more over the years (and in turn spend more money), pick pieces you are going to possibly keep forever, that will grow with your family. Cheaper furniture pieces won't last, you will have to replace them at some point and over and over again. 

When it comes to cushions, adding at least a couple of 'feather inserted' cushions to your bed or living space will add to the quality feel of the room. And then add in your cheaper block coloured cushions if you don't want to spend the money. I like to think of cushions as little 'mini works of art' ... I take just as much time and pride in picking them as I would a piece of wall art, they are going to 'make the space' and really bring it all together. Texture, a variety of fabrics and sizes are all important. And if you have a variety of colours in this area, it's your cushions that are going to make it all look complimentary. 

Casuarina Townhouse - Interior Design - Tanika Blair Stying & Photography - IMG_9162.jpg

The furniture in the living /dining space is all from Globe West.

Entertainment Unit: Flinder's Open (in black) / Dining Table: No longer available / Dining Chairs: Carter (in cool grey) / Kitchen Stools: Shelter Round Barstool (in black)

Casuarina Townhouse - Interior Design - Tanika Blair Stying & Photography - IMG_9156.jpg
Casuarina Townhouse - Interior Design - Tanika Blair Stying & Photography - IMG_9174.jpg

The artwork ... the large round blue piece is from Urban Road, it is the Kola Acrylic from their Cosmos collection. A collection I don't think many know about, it is a great alternative to resin art, without the huge price tag. The artwork is digitally printed on high-quality 4mm thick acrylic and mounted. They can be used inside or outside. We choose the 100cm size. 

Layering this acrylic piece with a Issie Mae Juju was a winning combo. I love the texture Juju's bring to a room. And the roundness of both pieces helps to break up all the straight lines. You should try to have at least one round piece in any space, whether that's a dining table, coffee table, side table or art. It gives the room more interest and character. 

The coral sculpture piece on the dining table is from Shellmac Distributors. You can read about how these pieces are ethically sourced and aren't affecting our reefs over on Rod's website. He takes a lot of pride in his coral art and is always available to chat about his business. A large coral sculpture like the one pictured is fantastic for adding that 'organic' shape to a room, it's interesting but doesn't take over. 

We are still deciding and on the hunt for artwork for that small wall space next to the dining table. Possibly a black and white print? 

Moving to the Main Bedroom, the bedsides are also Globe West furniture: Presley Bedside (in black) ... and the artwork is from Urban Road. 'Summer Wave I' ... It's from their new Poster collection ... an even more affordable art collection! ... The best thing about Urban Road art is the variety of styles you can choose to have your art made up ... multiple sizes, frame colours and print choices are available for each print. Making it even easier to get the right art for your space. This 'Summer Wave I' piece is a 'Large Poster Print' measuring 61cm x 91cm in a Black Frame. 

Casuarina Townhouse - Interior Design - Tanika Blair Stying & Photography - IMG_9210.jpg

The bedsides lamps and also the pendant lighting over the dining table are from Amalfi Homewares. The bedlinen is a mixture from Adairs and Sparkk Studio, get in contact with me if you would like specific names of bed linen and accessories. 

I hope you've enjoyed browsing this home ... whether you have absolutely no idea, or you just can't quite bring a space together ... I am here to help you complete your home to it's full potential, and take all the 'sourcing' dramas off your hands ... making the 'home decorating' process that much more enjoyable. Read about my interior design services over here. 

* photos of these projects are purely to show examples of my interior design work, and don't necessarily represent my styling and photography photo shoot work for various homewares and furniture businesses. Usually, photos of my interior design work are quickly completed within an hour or two ... so to not distribute the home-owners for a long period.

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