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Tanika's Main Bedroom

Finally ... (yes it has been over a year since we moved in) I am sharing with you, our Main Bedroom (you can check out our Living Room here). Most of the pieces in this room we've had for a while I just hadn't got around to capturing it, it's been a very busy year. 

I'm still unsure how to describe the style of our home, I look to so many different styles for inspiration, that our home has become quite a mix, but if it's one thing this industry has taught me, no one can really tell you how to decorate your home in a way you will love it, you've just got to do what you like, pick what you love, and then those things will put a smile on your face when you come home after a long day, it will be that sanctuary of treasured memories. 

Of course there is tips and tricks along the way to bring it all together, but really you should just think practical and follow your instincts.

A little about the space and where everything is from. The end throw quilt is the Adrian Quilt in Teal from Squeak Design, it's folded over in half in these photos. I was very excited to get my hands on a sample piece, so the colours are slightly different to the final design they released . As you can imagine it's way too hot here on the coast most of the year to sleep with it on, but my gosh it's pretty. 

The blue velvet donna cover is from Adairs, it's from the latest Rebecca Judd Loves collection. A recent purchase, I had a lot of trouble finding something suitable, I like my donna covers to be mostly plain so that I can mix up the other pieces in the room easily without starting a whole new bedroom design. The pillow slips are Kip & Co (I already had them, and was just chance they matched the new donna cover perfectly) 

The cushions: The back large grey one is from Square Fox Design, the gold is a sample piece from Issie Mae Cushions (though they didn't end up including this colour in their latest collection but the 2 sequins ones to choose from that they did release are beautiful!). The black graphic patterned one is from Urban Road and the round purple one is from made.com. I'm so glad I have been able to use pieces from so many of the lovely businesses I have worked with over the last year. 

The bedhead, Mitch made for us quite a few years back (it's had a few different paint colours since). Our bed base is from Ikea, because you can never have too much storage. The lamps are Amalfi Homewares, I really should get new shades made for them, the linen colour is really out of place in this room. The art is a piece from Society 6 (very affordable art if you haven't heard of them before) the artist's name is Suzie Q, she calls this 'The Swim'. In our next place I will hang it over the dining table, it's probably not quite right for a bedroom, but this is the place for it in our current home. 

The mirror is a long awaited piece that my family all put in for, for my birthday. Very exciting to finally have a decent full-length mirror. I felt the room needed that touch of feminine, so went with a more decorative piece and I love the black contrast to bring a little sophistication. The mirror is from Warranbrooke.

The curtains are grey linen from H&M (very affordable) and all we needed when Mitch and I are such heavy sleepers, the light that comes through them in the morning doesn't bother us (we are both early risers anyway) but I wouldn't recommend them for light sleepers. The curtain rod is from Curtain Wonderland. 

The 'Peter Pan' inspired quote art is hand painted by my sister. I adore it, it's hanging on the opposite wall so just got a quick photo of it to show it off. The walls of the room are painted in Dulux's Tranquil Retreat, if I was to paint them again I would go a couple of shades darker.

Let me know if you have any questions about this room, if I have missed something you would like to know more about. 

Our main bedroom is definitely a prime example, of just doing what you love, and not caring if it doesn't fit into a style category, or follow the rules of what you read in your favourite magazine. 

Do what you love, 

Tanika x

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