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An Interior Design Project Home

Finally I am sharing with you some images of an Interior Design project I completed at the start of this year. I can't believe it's taken me this long to share this ... but with finding out I was pregnant in February I went into work aholic mode, leaving all 'marketing' for my own business until I had the time again (one day) ... now we are 2 weeks out from the due date and I'm finally photographing, editing and writing all about the 'interior design' projects I have completed in the last year. I was careful not to book in any clients in this time, just in case our baby decided to come early (never wanting to disappoint my clients) ... but baby doesn't seem to be coming any time soon ... so that means I have time for me (and my business) yay! 

So it's time to share. You may remember me talking about this project in this post. It is a 6 bedroom home, with 3 living spaces. The owners knocked down their old place and started from scratch ... they had already picked all their finishes and were well into the build when I started working with them, so I did all the furniture and accessory sourcing, for every room in the house. 

They have 5 kids (2 in their 20's) altogether. So a lot of bedrooms ... I haven't got photos of every room, but here's a little peek at how the project finished up. 

Of course I encourage questions, and if you would like to know about any particular piece in the any room just get in contact and I'll point you in the right direction. 

It might be best, to have a look at the original blog post about this house first, to really get the feel for what we were going for with in this space. 

This project included many shopping days for me ... and one shopping day with the home owner (which is a great option if you want to be more involved, but completely fine if you just want to leave it up to me and not have to worry about all the choosing at all). 

The owners splurged on some items, but mostly kept to affordable pieces, keeping their young and busy family in mind. Proving even on a budget you can achieve the home style you are dreaming of. 

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