Tanika Blair


A Coolangatta Penthouse

This client had already started purchasing pieces for her new place when she started to have trouble bringing it all together and needed my help. There were a few too many different styles going on and the challenge was then to decide which style to focus on and make the other pieces work with it. 

We ended up going with a modern coastal contemporary feel through most of the home ... with the main bedroom more feminine and glam ... and the 'bar' room with a bit more edge and a manly vibe. 

I sourced a lot of the accessories and helped make decisions on furniture pieces my clients picked out. Everything had to work back with pieces they already had, blending them into the new look of the space. 

As you can see from a lot of my work, it's not always a particular style I am drawn too that I will be working with for clients ... but that's the thing, it's not about me, it's about my clients, and what they like and how they feel 'at - home' in their own place. You've got to be able to take yourself out of it ... and just use your 'rules of decorating' to work with any design style that is thrown at you. 

There is still a little bit of work to do on this place, so I haven't got photos of every room (and the frames in the cabinet need photos) ... but I hope this space can give you some inspiration for now. 

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