Tanika Blair


Karibou Art Co

It's here! ... the long anticipated new art print collection from Karibou Art Co. 

The styled photography shoot for this collection was shot at a family home in Casuarina. Shooting in a home is always a plus, because it means a lot of the 'setting up' is already done for you ... making it much easier to get a large number of well styled photos done in one day. I like to use as much of what is already there as I can. My clients are generally after the maximum number of shots they can get from the shoot. This photo shoot had a lot of planning and thought put in to it before the day on location. Having a clear idea of what was needed out of day gave me a way to be extremely organised and have all the shots planned out, knowing what was going with what, where etc. 

A joint effort from myself, my assistant Cara and 2 members of staff from Karibou Art Co, meant there were plenty of extra hands to get a lot done in 7 hrs of magic daylight. ( I like to use mostly natural light, and not have to worry about the logistics of photography lighting, taking up more time on valuable 'on location' time). 

Shivaun the director of Karibou Art Co, wrote me a lovely review, read her's and other testimonials over here

A selection of the shots created for Karibou Art Co are pictured below. (there were 16 'sets up' in total for the day) and the girls created a great 'behind the scenes' video on their facebook you might be interested in seeing. 

If you have a product that needs professional photography to wow your customers, don't hesitate to get in contact, I'd love to work with you. 

Behind The Scenes video put together by Karibou Art Co from our photo shoot together (excuse the messy 'work' hair, there's nothing glamourise about being a stylist, haha)