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Where a stylist shops

I'm trying to write blog posts, that you actually want to read, that you will get something out of ... the blogs that I read and the people I follow on Instagram are teaching me something new all the time ...  so I've had a good think into what I get asked by my friends all the time, what they come to me for to get help with  ... it made me think other people might be wanting help with these things too? ... and maybe I can help more then just my own friends. 

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The first question to answer, and definitely the thing I get asked the most is ... where do I shop?

Here's a list of my go to stores for various home interiors products, at affordable prices. 

(photo by me for UD Furniture at Tailored Space Interiors)

(photo by me for UD Furniture at Tailored Space Interiors)


UD Furniture (which are available through Tailored Space Interiors) their sofas are made in Brisbane, not overseas ... so you don't have to wait 50 weeks to get your sofa delivered ... generally, they are custom made and delivered within 3 weeks. They have a variety of designs to choose from, you pick the size, configuration and fabric (there are heaps to choose from in the Tailored Space showroom) ... and of course, they are customisable in other ways too. If you wanting a more coastal looking sofa, of course, head to The Beach Furniture. Which you can generally get delivered the week you purchase.


I mostly shop online, I check out all of these, every time I start a new project ... Temple and Webster, Freedom, Interiors Online, Life Interiors, Matt Blatt, I actually got some chairs from Pillow Talk recently at a great price! ... Uniqwa Furniture, Globe West (also available from Tailored Space Interiors) Oz Design Furniture and Click On Furniture. 

For furniture that is actually made here on the Gold Coast (it's very rare to even find furniture made in Australia these days, let alone right here on the GC) ... Kira & Kira are making stunning handcrafted pieces that are so full of love and passion for what they do. Their store is in Miami (and their workshop is in Burleigh). 

(photo by me for Tailored Space Interiors)

(photo by me for Tailored Space Interiors)


I have purchased a few West Elm rugs for myself, for clients I look to Bayliss Rugs, which are also available at Tailored Space Interiors. Or Temple and Webster, Freedom and Ikea usually have a good selection to choose from at reasonable prices. (the stores listed under Furniture often have a good variety of rugs to choose from too) 


Urban Road, WarranBrooke, Society 6, Karibou Art Co for affordable prints ... or Kira & Kira for original art. You could also check out Greenhouse Interiors and Newrybar Merchants ... I've also had a couple of pieces commissioned from Bec Tarrant of Astella Designs

(photo by me for Urban Road)

(photo by me for Urban Road)


For my own home I have purchased 'little mini works of art' (as I like to call them) from Bonnie and Neil, Sparkk, Eadie Lifestyle, Milk & Sugar and Urban Road. For clients, I often source cushions from Walter G Textiles (available from The Beach Furniture) ... and I am currently obsessed with Slowdown Studio and Hawtrey (available from Kira & Kira). 


I love Adairs, it is my go to, if I need something quick ... but if you have time to order online, I turn to I love Linen, Kip & Co, Linen House, In Bed Store

(photo by me for Urban Road)

(photo by me for Urban Road)


I generally look through the list under 'furniture' ... or Milk & Sugar usually have lovely options and Tailored Space Interiors. Beacon Lighting is always worth a try and The Beach Furniture often have a selection of unique options for the coastal home. 


Try any of the above for decorative homewares ... but for random, quirky homewares I look to my overseas favourites Anthropologie, Rocket St George, Consort Design and Graham & Green


If there's anything in particular you are searching for, don't hesitate to ask me, I'll point you in the right direction. 

Or maybe you are interested in my 'E-Styling' services? ... I'll source everything you need for a complete refresh of your furniture and homewares, I'll create moodboards so you can visualise it all in your home before you make the purchases. But you don't have to pay big 'interior design' fees, as you can do all the purchasing yourself (and mostly from the comfort of your living room). I'll send you the specifications in a ready to use, easy document, taking the hassle and decision making stress out of styling a new space or updating an existing one. Contact me here, if you would like to know more about this service. 

I hope you've found something you love or learnt something new from these little paragraphs, happy 'home-making' 

- Tanika 

Tanika Blair