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Various Friends - Astrology Birth Charts for Kids

A flat lay shoot for the beautiful Various Friends … most would know, I am pretty obsessed with Brooke’s astrology work, her birth charts for kids are a must for all parents.

I have been busting to style up and capture these shots for weeks ( just a bit busy (understatement of the year!) with my two tiny humans keeping my hands very full 24/7) … I was finally able to have a good play this week.

I’ll run through what went into this ‘flat lay’ shoot, as I think most people, think these are generally a quick task.

1/ first I sourced ideas for the shots … I went straight to pinterest of course.

2/ next I gathered everything from around the house I could use for the photos, and worked out what else I needed to source that I didn’t already have … keeping in mind the aesthetic Brooke has going for her business, keeping the photos true to her brand.

3/ next I ‘semi’ styled and grouped items together that would be used in each shot, there were 10 little ‘groupings’ in the end.

4/ waiting for the right time of day, and positioning myself outside in the best light I worked on each shot, using different things to create interesting shadows in some of the shots, and moving my ‘flat lay’ set up location, as the sun moved through the day, to keep using the right light for each shot. I used a ‘white diffuser’ for some of the shots as well.

5/ pack up of all items.

6/ organising files, picking the best shots to edit.

7/ edit all the chosen shots … including colour/light, spot correction, angle correction, and cropping to suit various uses (instagrams stories, instagram posts etc).

8/ load photo files into drop box, send email with invoice and information regarding shots.

Are you interested in a photo shoot like this for your own business? or interested in learning more about photography, editing and styling … don’t hesitate to get in contact.

All up this shoot was about 8 hrs of work.

The cost of a shoot like this is $500.

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