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Black Mango

Back in July, I got a lovely email from the 'Black Mango' Team asking if they could feature me in their 'designer spotlight' series ... of course, I said yes! 

I have made a few purchases from this company over the years for interior design clients .... and one you see a lot in my work, is the 'Juliet Dressing Bench' in black, that I purchased for myself ... which often moves to new spots around my home as well as coming to many photo shoots for 'business' clients. 

So it turns out I had a quite a few photos featuring this piece (more than I realised that's for sure)

Here's a copy of the email sent out to their newsletter subscribers:

Or you can view it via this link. Check out Black Mango's website here

Black Mango - Email - Page 1.jpg
Black Mango - Email - Page 2.jpg
Black Mango - Email - Page 3.jpg
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