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Godfrey Hirst

I answered some questions for Godfrey Hirst on Interior Design. Check out a sneek peek below and follow this link to their 'Inside Interior Design' blog page to read the full interview.

Images styled and photographed by me, in the home of Hacket Home Styling for Godfrey Hirst. (Furniture by The Beach Furniture)  

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How do you make sure you are buying the right sized furniture for a space?

If you are selecting furniture for a new build, use the plans.  Stick to the scale and draw out your furniture pieces on the floor plan - this will give you a good idea of how much room you are going to have in between furniture pieces to move around.

If you are currently in the home you are shopping for, use masking tape (or the like) to measure out and stick down the sizes of your furniture on the floor, then you can step back and get a good idea of how big that piece of furniture will be.

When it comes to flooring for your home, where do you start?

You want to get a good idea of how the whole home, including your furniture is all going to look in the end. The best way to do this is to create a moodboard.  Though it can take a little time, you will be so thankful when you are done.
A mood board helps you to get a good idea of what you like and don’t like, and gives you a style and colour palette to stick to when shopping so you don’t end up coming home with different, random pieces that don’t work well with each other. You’ve always got to be thinking about the big picture and using the mood board as your guide.

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