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Design Project Gold Coast

So I’ve had a pretty busy couple of weeks, not only did I secure a ‘photo’ styling contract with Super Amart (definitely the biggest company I’ve worked for yet, wooohooo!) I’ve also been working on my biggest Interior Design project yet.

The home is for a family of 7, it has 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 living rooms and huge amounts of space for entertaining inside and outside. My lovely clients have been so great to work with and have had so much trust in me … and my ideas.

I only had a few weeks to pull this all together (the first lesson for everyone, furniture from anyone is more often than not, not in stock and you could wait up to 3 months for the pieces you want) I knew this going in so the first priority was getting all the main pieces of furniture chosen and ordered straight away and then to work on accessories (even though we ordered it all in that first week, the first week of October, we will still have pieces that won’t be here until after Christmas).

So everyone works differently, but here’s how I worked this particular project with my clients. I started with taking a huge pile of current interior design magazines to their new home (that was, at the time in full construction mode, I only did furnishings with them, they already had all finishes sorted and decided at the last second they were going to need some help finishing it off) They took me through the home, explaining what they had envisioned, although we had talked about style it’s always good to see the kind of look they wanted in photos to know we were on the same page, and thinking the same thing. So we browsed magazines for an hour or so and came up with this as the type of style we were going to go with.

INSPIRATION for the home:

(please excuse the quick iphone photos taken from a collection of Real Living and Adore Home Magazines, I hate that I haven’t added the sources for everything so please just ask if you have any questions about anything you see)

Lots of pastel blues, dusty pinks, light woods, grey and white. I also talked them into having a feature colour of navy to bring a contrast to the very light look. It’s a bit girly, lots of texture and not too busy, a Modern meets Classis type of look.

This is what I came up with for the downstairs Living, Dining and Main Bedroom presenting in this quick design proposal as we needed to order furniture pieces asap. They loved it and said yes straight away. So here was the start:


(most of this furniture is from Globe West, please contact me for accessories)

We have since made a few changes to the Main Bedroom, due to items not being available. And it is now looking more like this:

Bed – Brosa. Bedsides & Chest of Draws – Freedom. Lamp – Canvas & Sasson. Artwork – Urban Road. Cushions – Nini Creative. Chair – Interiors Online.

The next rooms to tackle was all 5 other bedrooms, which were all going to be very different from one another, to suit the different tastes of all the kids (2 aren’t actual kids, they are in their early 20’s) … I did the same thing with them all, I sourced a whole heap of imagery from what their parents had said that I thought suited them. They were pretty happy with what I came up. We tried to stick to less expensive furniture for these rooms as you know how kids change their tastes so often. They all had their beds already.

Young Girl’s Room Inspiration (brief – bright and bubbly, loves colour

Bed – Super Amart. Abstrat Print – Urban Road. Lamp & Bedisde – Kmart. Floral Print – Temple & Webster.

Young Boy’s Room Inspiration (brief – sporty, blue tones and black) 


Bed – Super Amart. Surf Print – Warran Brooke. Bedside – Kmart. Palm Tree Print – Urban Road.

Junior Girl’s Room Inspiration (brief – girly, purple & pink, floral) 

Bed – Super Amart, Bedsides & Desk – Freedom. Horse Artwork – Freedom. Lamp – Temple & Webster. Pink Chair – Ikea.

Young Adult Boy’s Room Inspiration (brief – he didn’t give me much at all really haha) 

Bed – Super Amart. Framed Artwork – Urban Road. Bedside – Temple & Webster.

Young Adult Girl’s Room Inspiration (brief – girly, pastel pink, white, lots of texture) 

Bed – Super Amart. Ghost Chair – Super Amart. Desk – Ikea (contact me for accessories)

Once we got all these rooms sorted it was time to move on to the rest of the house. Keeping the flow of colours throughout the home but also having them a little different in every space to keep things interesting.

This is the upstairs Living Room for the whole family to enjoy.

This sofa is custom made in Warwick Fabrics from Tailored Space Interiors. Please fell free to contact me for any information on the choices I made for this home.

And this is how the downstairs main living room is looking:

The Sofa is from Globewest, it will be like this but with a chaise. The artwork is a family members photography art (Sikata Photographics) we are having them framed by Gold Coast Printing & Framing. The decorative cushions throughout the house are a mixture from Urban Road, Aura Home and Art Club Concept. The ottoman is custom made with Warrick Fabrics (similar to this but not the same)

For the alfresco entertaining space we choose a matching dining and lounge setting from Domayne, it’s called Spritz:

And the entry area:


This console is from Interiors Online, it’s called Sienna. The mirror is a Warran Brooke piece.

Sometimes it’s necessary to do up an image like this to make sure the sizes and proportions of pieces chosen online are suitable to the space and other purchases. It’s easier to make the right decision. (and you must always be checking the floor plan as well, I always draw out the pieces of furniture on the floor plan to scale to make sure it will fit and suit)

We made most of these choices, via emails and purchasing online (finding better prices where we could) we also went on a client shopping day together to have a good look at furniture we weren’t positive about and start the accessory shopping for the bedrooms.

But towards the end when it was getting quite stressful for these new home owners I took over all accessory shopping, to make it easier for them. They had complete trust in me to finish the look off how they wanted. So another shopping day for me sourcing all bathroom pieces and all the little bits … and now it’s install day! … they move in tonight. We are all so excited! … I will definitely be photographing this project in all it’s glory when all the furniture finally arrives (which might not be until next year) but if you want to take a peek follow my instagram stories for little updates over the coming weeks @tanikablair_design.

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