Tanika Blair


Tiny Abodes

I was so thrilled to be asked by Shiloh of Tiny Abodes to capture their first completed project.

Being a big fan of this movement, towards smaller homes, and the creative things people are doing to cut down the costs of living. (I am a long time watcher of You Tube channel, ‘Living Big In A Tiny House’ … and I am so proud of my sister who (with the help of my Dad) converted a van into a ‘home’ last year and has been living in it with her staffy, for the past 6 months. (and renting out the property she owns to get herself ahead).

Times are changing and it’s so exciting to see the direction the world is slowly but surely moving towards.

If you aren’t someone cable of doing this type of thing on your own … this is where Tiny Abodes comes in, they are creating these master pieces to sell. All the hard work has been done for you, and you simple get to purchase this beauty and enjoy her for years to come.

This first project by Tiny Abodes has been designed and built to perfection, using quality finishes that will last the test of time. It’s aesthetics are of course spot on as well.

Shiloh had me out for an afternoon photo shoot, to capture the interior of the home, but also the exterior, and we waited until sunset to get the effects of the lights on and the feel of the home at dusk.

I came with ‘props’ in tow, but this husband and wife team had done a lovely job themselves, so there wasn’t a lot of styling needed from me. Shiloh asked me for as many photos as possible, he wanted to be able to show people every little detail, so I ended up with close to 150 shots for them to use for their marketing and to show potential buyers.

This style of photo shoot starts at $600 (it was 3 hrs on location, a bit of time planning and sourcing furniture/homewares for the shoot, and 8+ hours in editing time).

Take a browse through this ‘Tiny Abode’:

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