Tanika Blair

Services & Prices

Are you in need of professional photography for your business?

I pride myself on helping the 'little guys' ... small brands needing to compete with big companies, who have huge marketing budgets! (but yer, ok, I'll work with your big budget too, if I have to) ... I offer a variety of affordable styling & photography services with 7+ years of experience doing just this. You can find a list of businesses I've worked for here, read testimonials there and view my portfolio over here. 

Not all clients ask for me to do both the styling and photography, some only need my styling services for a photo shoot and they already have a photographer or vice versa. I am definitely up for working with a team of creative individuals to complete your project.  My quality photographs have often been seen in popular Australian magazines, on clients’ social media pages, websites, emails and other marketing platforms such as billboards and on TV. I am based on the southern end of the Gold Coast, I travel between Brisbane & Byron Bay frequently and I'm open to travelling interstate for the right project. 

Whether it is in print or online, I can help your business take your marketing and online presence to the next level.


Are you an Interior Designer?

Are you looking for a photographer to capture your work? ... why spend un-countable hours on a project for only one family to see it, you need to show that beautiful space off to the whole world. 

(I also do profile shots, if you are needing to put a 'face' behind the brand)


Do you sell furniture or homewares products?

This is my main game and of course my favourite. If your've got furniture, art, cushions, rugs or homewares ... bring it to me! ... I'll work my magic and make your vision of your business come to life. Using whole homes or creating 'room' set ups in a photography studio. 

Top Deck - Casuarina B&B - Holiday Home by Mandie Wright - Tanika Blair Photography - IMG_0046 - small.jpg

Have you got your home on Airbnb?

Do you know how many people are Airbnbing 'something' these days ... I don't even want to know the numbers. If you've worked tirelessly on a space for your guests, you want to make sure the potential customer 'sees it' in all it's beauty, and professional photography will make it stand out (I can style the space too). 

IMG_9908 - small_preview.jpeg

Do you sell a smaller product?

Like beauty products, candles or stationary?  ... are you a restaurant, recipe creator, do you sell food products? ... if flat lays and small vignettes are what you are after, you've come to the right place.

Send the products to me, or I can come to you (with backdrops & props in tow)

IMG_3703 - no art.jpg

Do you need a new website? 

I have always been in the interiors industry, but have been focused on marketing for the majority of my time, I am self taught in all things marketing and branding for small business and have many years of experience working with a variety of platforms such as Square Space, Shopify and Wordpress. I worked with The Beach Furniture and Tailored Space Interiors on all their marketing needs for over 5 years. Now I don’t take on full time clients like that, but I can offer you fresh website designs for new or exisiting businesses (and can help with any marketing and branding if you are in need).

Moosh hair Studio - website.jpg

Would you like me to do it for you? 

Are you a new business or an existing one needing a new look? … I offer a variety of levels of website design and can tailor it to your budget. (and have all the skills to do all the photography and graphic design work for the website too if need be).

Head over here to check out some websites I’ve recently completed for various clients. (not just for businesses in the interior design industry, hair salons, tradies and photographers are who I’ve worked with in the past).

You can also check out this blog post, regarding a full branding package I did for Moosh Hair Studio (including photography, all graphic design work and a website)


Or would you like me to teach you how to build and maintain your own website? 

I offer in-person, one on one workshops, where I can teach you easy ways and tricks to do your own marketing. They are tailored workshops to suit your own level of expertise.  


Would you like to learn how to photograph your own products? 

One photo shoot just isn't going to cut it? ... are you in need of new photos constantly? but don't have the budget to do 12 photo shoots a year, why not learn how to style and photograph your own products or services yourself. I'll teach you everything I have learnt in the last 7+ years ... the photography, styling & editing combo. 


Photography & Styling E-Book

7+ years of knowledge and experience in interiors, styling and photography in one 10 page, easy to read e-book. 

Interested? sign up to my mailing list. 


One-on-one Workshop

I offer in-person, one on one workshops, where I teach you everything I know about photography & styling. 

I set you up in your own space to be able to keep taking photos in the same consistency to suit your products.  

2 month waitlist - would you like to find out more? email me today.